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At Council for Retail and Sales, we focus on everything related to the retail industry, employment, and training.

Who We Are

Whether a business or just someone interested in learning more about the retail and sales industry, our website will give you all the information you need.

We have established ourselves as a reliable source towards the industry and the latest news around its associations, employment, educational opportunities, and stakeholders. Being new to the world of retail and sales business industry can be overwhelming and sometimes cause confusion around what needs to be done.

Being a new business owner, Council for Retail and Sales will be able to provide you with much-needed information around marketing your company, how to work with employees, and providing education to them. Marketing your company is a crucial aspect of making your businesssuccessful and profitable.

Providing employees with training and education can help them grow and be more valuable towards the company, thus creating loyalty in employees and better work ethics.

Our website can help with information regarding education opportunities in retail and sales. In retail and sales, there are endless job opportunities, which makes it a great option for students to consider studying in the field or improve on their knowledge around the industry.

Retail and Sales

Retail and Sales are a big part of a person’s life, whether being a business owner or being a normal living person with needs of day-to-day products.


Learning more about retail associations can help to improve your business as well as help in the planning of your new business venture in the retail industry.

Training and Employment

Training and Employment play a crucial part in the retail and sales industry. Whether an employee or employer in the industry, our articles will be knowledgeable to both.


You can visit our blog for all the latest information about the retail and sales industry, employment, and education.